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Christina Carter
Christina: Not Taking It

'We know you're a princess, Sweetie; you've told us a hundred times already. And actually, we knew that before you started wearing us out with your arguing - we kidnapped you because you're a princess. No point asking a ransom like yours unless there's big money in the family, is there? So you're staying in the cell until we get the good news.

And no, you can't have your shoes back - from the look of you, you'd probably use them like a weapon. Just be glad we've let you keep your dress. For now.

We're not going to feel sorry for you, actually - however dramatic you want to get. Maybe you've mistakenly got the impression we aren't serious about this? Alright then - we've got some more restraints knocking about down here - maybe that'll help you to understand the kind of situation you're in....'

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