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VIDEO: Amy Hunter & Sasha - Tim's Expenses

It all rolls downhill. Tim needs his expenses done by the end of the day, so he gives them to Amy, his PA. Amy has a full day already, so she gives it to her assistant, Sasha. Sasha ought to have a full day, but she can't be bothered to do any work, so she phones her boyfriend for a flirt and chat instead... not the wisest of moves, since Amy catches her at it! Disciplinary procedures state that when a troublesome employee has had a written warning, the next stage is to discipline that employee- by making her do the required work in bondage! Amy whips out the rope and gets Sasha tied up nice and tight, then leaves her to get on with the expenses.

Sadly, Tim doesn't consider that Amy's failure to get his expenses done can be blamed entirely on Sasha... and Amy has had her written warning as well, so it is out with yet more rope to discipline his PA!

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