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Amy Hunter
VIDEO: You Will NOT Marry My Brother!

Regency lady Amy has discovered that the local quire's daughter, Chloe, has designs upon the hand of Amys brother. Such a match would be most socially disadvantageous to someone of Amy's standing in life, especially as she herself is seeking to web upwards, perhaps to a famour soldier or a rich land-owner. Such a lowly connection for her brother would surely prejudice her own chances of marrying well. It is not to be countenanced!

So Amy invites Chloe to the house, with the intention of having a long and persuasive discussion on the matter. And of course, the use of ropes and bondage to further convince her of the seriousness of the situation seems only fitting!

Hywel's Note: apologies for the road traffic noise! That's the trouble shooting in a crowded little island like Britain, can't get away from the people! Struggling with this at this shoot has at least made us step up our game on the audio front for our videos- at our outdoor shoots this year we will have a proper boom mic with an operator getting it as close as possible to record much cleaner sound.

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