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Christina Carter
VIDEO: Ariel & Christina Erotic Daydreams

Shop girls Ariel Anderssen and Christina Carter are shutting up shop after a long hard day at work. The customers haven't been as polite as you'd have liked, and there's a lot of expensive clothes to be cleaned, pressed or put back in order on the racks. Funnt, though. Ariel really doesn't take well to the bossy customers, but Christina almost seems to like it. Not anything like as much as she likes her co-worker, it turns out... as the evening takes a much steamier turn, at least in Christina's hot bondage fantasies! She can't help dreaming about her sexy co-worker tying her up, bringing her to heel, running her hands all over her satin-clad body, making her moan, curshing her under her heel, humiliating her, making her beg... maybe even right here, on the shop floor, putting her in tight hogtie bondage!

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