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Hayley Marie: Playing with Fire

Hayley Marie is all alone in her flat this weekend and playing her favourite fantasy game. In her fantasy, she is the captured slave of a cruel sultan whose guards clap her in irons and torture her with hot wax. Of course, it is just a little self-bondage fantasy, all she needs to bring the delicious fantasies alive for herself are her trusty handcuffs (as always, she freezes they key in an ice cube so she can get herself out eventually). Candlelight enhances the mood... but she has never been brave enough to drip wax on herself. She plays with fire, putting the handcuffs in the candle flame just long enough for her to start to feel the heat... maybe someday she will find someone to really go through with it, to really try the things she is not brave enough to do all on her own... could you be that someone?

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