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Amy Hunter
VIDEO: A Traitor In Our Midst!

RAF girl Ariel Anderssen wakes up... tied hand and foot to a chair, gagged and bound. Where is everyone else? She can't remember what happened- just that someone grabbed her from behind, then everything went dark and she woke up bound in the Station Chief's ready room.

Then the tell-tale click of high heels on the floorboard herald the arrival of Pilot Officer Hunter. Anderssen is relieved- surely Hunter will free her and call the military police? But no! It seems they have a traitor, a spy in their midst! And Hunter has some questions for Corporal Anderssen about the documents she read at the embassy last month!

Bravely, Ariel resists the tortures inflicted upon her as Hunter first uses the riding crop, then shockingly exposes her nipples to the torture of the nipple clamps. Can she hold out until she is rescued?

11.16 minutes (316.5 MB zip)

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