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Zoe (aka Aimee)
Zoe Simonds: Femme Fatale

Miss Zoe Simonds was in big trouble. Her very rich, much older husband had been found dead in very suspicious circumstances, and the cops were very interested in where she'd been that night...

But Miss Simonds wasn't giving anything away. Seeming disinterested in that handcuffs locked around her slim wrists, she gazed cooly into the detective's eyes. And elegantly exhaled the smoke from her cigarette into his face. It was going to be a long, long night for both of them, but he knew he was going to have to get very tough before she'd talk....

Hywel's note: this set was shot over a decade ago, and I never put it up because I was experimenting with lighting and the look, and it didn't work out quite as I'd thought (basically, I now know that I needed some soft fill light, and make sure that any smoke and smoke effects are behind the model, not between her and camera). But I think there are some really cool images in there, even if you can't see the handcuffs properly in a lot of shots, and it is the penultimate set I have left of the gorgeous Zoe, who is one of my all time fave models. So I thought I'd put it up as a pre-Xmas bonus update for you to enjoy.

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