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Zoe Page (aka April Appleby)
VIDEO: Ariel & Zoe - Art Critic Harissa Soup

To honour the weekend of the 2016 British Fetish Film Festival here is the film we shot collaboratively at last year's festival!

Ariel and I had come up with the character of Harissa Soup after reading a particularly miserable "healthy" cook book. There was a recipe for harissa soup which consisted literally of hot water with a tiny bit of harissa paste. We could not imagine a more miserable meal, and the name suggested a sort of sour, astringent character: holier-than-thou and utterly joyless. We'd got "Harissa Soup" in our back pocket as a character just waiting for the right video.

The story for the film came out of looking around at the room we held the festival in. There were a couple of pictures on the wall, and we thought we could make the space pass as an art gallery. Someone suggested we could have a mean art critic, tied up by the poor artist who was getting savaged in print. Zoe seemed like a natural as the poor artist, and Ariel was keen to let Harissa Soup out of the gate for her first outing. This is what we came up with!

I won't give the usual crew credits for this film as it was a very collaborative venture, with lots of shots filmed by different people at the festival, and most of the script and story lines being suggested from the room as well. It was great fun to make! And many thanks to our intern Philippa who quickly hid behind the screen and did a rough cut edit of the film so we could even project it for everyone to see during the festival. Watch this space to see what we got up to in 2016!

04:54 minutes (161.5 MB zip)

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