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Coco: Send in the bailiffs!

Coco just seemed to have a problem with earning. Not spending- oh no, no problem at all spending. Shoes, bags, clothes, makeup, laptops, the credit cards took them all and more. No, it was earning any actual money to pay them off that seemed to be a bit of a mental block. So much so that in the end the credit card company had no choice but to send in the bailiffs. They scoured her flat for things they could sell to pay off her debt. Obviously, her clothes were the first to go- sold for a song. Shoes? Gone. Makeup? Not going to get any money back there... laptop... well, they could sell that, but perhaps they could make some money from Coco herself and the laptop webcam... like doing kinky bondage shows from her bedroom, livecast to paying customers online? This is what you get when you take out an H. Omar Bank credit card- you should have read the small-print, Coco!

97 pics 236.5 MB zip

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