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Abigail Toyne
VIDEO: Abigail Down on the farm

Officious tax inspector Abigail Toyne has been making life very difficult down on the farm, insisting on all sorts of re-arrangements to the accounting and changing the whole way they do their taxes. And, surprise surprise, it looks as though they owe thousands of pounds to the government, and there will be major interest and penalties on top of it. Worst of all is how patronising she's being to the "simple farm folk".

Eventually, the farmer and his wife can take more! They tie the tax inspector up in the barn and decide to use tickle torture to teach her a lesson!

Hywel's note: Apologies to the entire south-west of England for the appalling accent perpetrated in the name of comedy in this video. It is without doubt the worst "Mummerset" accent ever heard on the web...

5:07 minutes (18.8 MB zip)

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