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Abigail Toyne
Abigail - Hooking the Hooker

It was that sort of club. A little too bright to be cool, a little too cool to be nasty and a little too nasty to have nice girls in. No, this was a place to pick up nasty girls, girls who would (if you opened your wallet and bought some expensive cocktails, anyway). Not that a single one of them thought of herself as anything other than a classy girl looking for some fun and a rich boyfriend, mind you. The sort of mercenary girl who is more far more draining of cash (and cocks...) than any actually hooker.

He loved to play games with that sort of nasty girl. Bondage games, to see just how far she'd debase herself for a diamond necklace...

How far would she lower herself? A striptease in public, in irons? Not a problem. Getting into position on the nightclub sofa? You got it. Anything you wanted, so long as she got her perks and trinkets. Because this good-time-girl who wasn't Hooker liked being treated that way. The treats, the money... the humiliation AND the bondage!

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