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The Elegance Network: Browsing Abigail Toyne – Spread and Gagged
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Abigail Toyne
Abigail Toyne – Spread and Gagged

Who knows what they have in store for her? Glamour girl turned bondage star Abigail Toyne submitted voluntarily to them, giving herself up as the vehicle for their twisted fantasies. They started by enfolding her torso in tright rope, the rough hemp biting at her skin, the rope tight around her crotch. Spreadeagled, helpless, presented for display in the glare of a spotlight, what will Abigail's fate be? Abigail's moans were a turn-on, but the walls of the apartment were very thin, and who knows what the neighbours might be thinking? So the kinky couple gagged Abigail with a silk scarf to muffle her sounds of arousal. And for Abigail, that is the final straw... the rope at her crotch is frustratingly, teasingly, agonisingly putting pressure on her but no matter how much she writhes and kicks, she just can't quite get enough to take her over the edge... They watch her lustful writhings together, arm in arm, seeing the frustrated heat pouring from Abigail's body...time to open the door and let the rest of the guests feast their eyes on the main course!...
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