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Janey Dinner In Steel Stocks

There is something about that second date. The first... that's all 'getting to know you' and 'do I really want to do this?' and 'have a coffee/last bus home'. I suppose there is love at first sight, or at least lust in the night-club toilets... but that's for drunken teenagers, and where's the thrill in that? You won't even remember it in the morning. No-one seriously expects even to kiss on a first date... nice if it happens, but it won't Ah, but the second date! Now we're talking. Had a good time. Like each other. Been thinking about you. Can't wait to see you but mustn't seem too keen. Will we be chaste and pure and good and kiss each other goodnight on the doorstep? Or will we... you know... do it? Ah, there's the question. And what to do on the date, before that moment of decision? Eat out? So we can run away? Or my place? Or yours? Take the plunge. His place, the way he said. Dress to impress. Come on like a total slut- dangle the shoes, show about a mile of leg, but don't ever look bothered in case he thinks you're just desperate. Keep that eyebrow arched. Don't be impressed... but god you can't wait for him to make a move. But what the hell is this? He's just pulled out some goddam medieval torture instruments and said 'this is for you'. So he locks you in... and then watches as you try to eat the strawberries in this stupid metal contraption! You ought to walk out, tell him to take this stupid thing off, go home... or be scared, he's a nutcase, he's a murderer... but a wet pussy never lies and be honest all you are really worried about is how to break down the walls around this sexual tension and get this fucking bastard to tear your dress off and throw you roughly to the floor and part your thighs and shaft you so hard it fucking hurts and you need him and you want him but now he is playing hard to get and go-damn it he really means it about eating the strawberries!
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