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Janey Kidnapped Little Rich Girl

You know the sort. Stuck-up spoilt little rich girl. Never had anyone say no to her in her entire life. Well, sweetie, better get used to the word "no". I want five million for you, and until I get it, "no" is about all you are going to be hearing! I got sick of her voice. Whining, pleading, threatening... so sure that Daddy was going to pay the ransom, telling me what shit I was in for when she got out. I told her that dear Daddy didn't seem at all keen on paying out for her, but that didn't shut her up- she thought I was lying. (Why do they always think that?) Anyway, a nice big fat ballgag reduced the volume in the room enough so I could watch the telly... and a few extra ropes sorted out the struggles too. Almost peaceful in here now...
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