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Sophia Smith
Happy New Year!

I thought I'd wish you all a Happy New Year with the most fun set involving the most people from everything we shot in 2008! This was on our Sweden trip and we'd promised ourselves we could go a bit mad on the last day and do a set with all five girls in bondage! We needed all four of us to rig- you don't want to be doing a hogtie on five girls one at a time, by the you are done with girl five, girl one will need to come out! So Steve, Merlin, Svampen and I all mucked in and helped tie the girls up. Then Steve rushed around taking the shots, Merlin took some behind the scenes shots of us all making fools of ourselves, and Svampen and I held the giant reflectors still in the breeze to fill in the shadows a bit.

I doubt you can have as much fun viewing the pics as we had shooting them, but I hope you give it a good go!

Thanks to everyone who has made 2008 such a memorable and successful year for Restrained Elegance. All the lovely members who have paid up to view our work, thank you!

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