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Chanta Rose
VIDEO: Hannah - Chat What's My Bondage?

Game show contenstants. All the same, will do absolutely anything to get themselves on telly. Here's the latest wheeze from Chanta Rose productions- What's My Bondage? Bubbly bustly blonde contestant Hannah is blindfolded, and has to guess what Chanta is holding in her hand just from feeling it rubbed all over her skin. If she guesses wrong, it is a penalty- either an item of clothing is snipped off, or a rope is added to the bondage!

Hywel's note: sorry for the lower than usual quality- this video was shot in standard definition. That's why there isn't a 720p version of it by the way! I'm finally catching up and processing the last few from that era. Interesting to see how much we've come on in terms of resolution and clarity in imaging especially on video in the last few years. This was even shot on (shudder) tape... how quaint and old fashioned a concept that seems now! Anyway, this is the last unedited video I had of Chanta and Hannah and I thought it was high time to show it to the world ;-)

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