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The Elegance Network: Browsing Goldie and Chanta Rose - The Cat Burglar and the Cheapskate
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Chanta Rose
Goldie and Chanta Rose - The Cat Burglar and the Cheapskate

Cool cat-burglar Chanta is on the prowl to purloin gems, jewels, cash, cards... whatever she can lay her hands on. Surely the little bitch who lives in this posh apartment must have some decent loot? And she'll be a pushover, a little rope and a nice ballgag to keep her quiet while she robs her blind... hmmm, nice ass, nice tits... maybe worth a little grope and play...? That's it, bitch. You keep yourself occupied in that nice tight hogtie while I rob you blind. Hang on. There's nothing bloody here! No jewels, hardly any clothes, precious little cash. You little cheapskate! You mean to say you get put in this swish apartment by your sugar daddy, and you don't even have any nice stuff to steal? Damn it, I wasted two days casing this joint and planning the job! Well, if I am not going make any profit on the job, I might as well play with you. It's the only worthwhile thing I'm gonna get out of you... let's have a feel of those wonderful tits. Mmmm! You don't like it when I pull and twist and torture your nipples? You'd better get used to it, bitch! You've wasted two days of my valuable time, and I'm going to take it out on you!
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