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Chanta Rose
Ariel Hogtied By Chanta

Here's what Ariel had to say about this tie: After our first tie, I was all excited to see what Chanta had in mind next. Unfortunately it seems that actually doing the tying is really tiring and she needed a break. But I was all ready to go on! I waited impatiently while she sat and had a cold drink with Hywel. Maybe I annoyed her by being over eager, because the next thing she suggested was a hogtie, my very least favourite; and I was sure that a Chanta Hogtie wouldn't exactly be relaxing... And what do you know? I was absolutely right. I hate hogties anyay, your legs are immobilised, your back is painfully arched, and your hair gets in your eyes, which you can do nothing about becasuse your hands are attached behind you to your feet... Chanta's version included a refinement which made it even stricter. I don't know how she did it, but my arms ended up bent behind me at an impossible angle, elbows pointing to the ceiling. Normally, even a hogtie gives you some flexibility to move, or at least roll from one side to another. I could do not of this, and I think you'll notice in the pictures that I hardly move at all, though the camera does record my increasingly horrified (and yes, maybe a little excited) expression. ....
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