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Chanta Rose
Jasmine Dominated By Chanta

Jasmine and Chanta hadn't seen in each other in almost four years. I could tell that Chanta was absolutely itching to get her hands on Jasmine and tie her up... but she had much more than hands in mind! Chanta gives Jasmine's beautiful body a good grope, sucking and pinching and twisting her nipples, stripping off her cute girly bra. Chanta took total charge and Jasmine, of course, submitted... but even Jasmine balked at being made to grope Chanta's tits while Chanta tied her up! Of course, Chanta was used to total and instant obedience... so she roughly bent Jasmine forward and started spanking her cute tight little bum - really hard! Just have a look at the handprints on Jasmine's poor arse! Having established that she was calling on the shots, Chanta pulled out some more rope... Chanta had already decided how she was going to tie Jasmine. She wanted a box tie and harness to make Jasmine's gorgeous breasts jut out proudly.. and she was going to add ropes to squeeze her nipples just to remind her to be a good girl! As you can see from the look in her eyes, Jasmine was squirming with a mixture of anticipation and dread... it was getting VERY hot! So hot I had to cool her down with a studio fan... her normally immaculate hair is in total disarray as Chanta ties the ropes even tighter... Jasmine couldn't decide whether to laugh or cry as Chanta made her more and more helpless... "Right, that'll keep your hands out of the way" said Chanta as she finished off the box-tie chest harness that pinned Jasmine's arms and made her breasts stand proud.. and vulnerable. "Now, let's have a little 'discussion' about how a slavegirl should react when permitted the great honour of feeling her Mistress' tits..." and with that, Chanta hauled Jasmine over her knee for a VERY sound strapping! But still Jasmine kicked and struggled... "Oho! No you don't! I think we'll put you in a nice tight hogtie, that should keep those feet where I want them!" Chanta said... and bit down HARD on Jasmine's pretty big toe! Jasmine screamed... she'd had her feet licked and sucked dozens of times, and taken brutal bastinados, but somehow they hadn't prepared her for the animalistic terror of a crazy woman biting and punishing her pretty, helpless little toes! Now that she's got Jasmine in a nice tight hogtie, Chanta can have her wicked way with her! First she licks and kisses the delicate soft soles of Jasmine's feet- then she bites down, hard, on her big toe! That certainly lets Jasmine know she is in for it! But Jasmine fails to show proper appreciation for Chanta's footjob... so Chanta takes her to task, administering a brisk and merciless bastinado with the strap before tickling poor Jasmine's soles until she begs for mercy! But Chanta's hungry for more so she tears off Jasmine's panties... with her teeth!

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