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Chanta Rose
Chanta Tied with Green Rope

You may have seen Chanta Rose somewhere before- she's a busy, busy girl. She's worked for Playboy and Penthouse, presented TV shows and been on bondage sites from Insex through to Hogtied and New York Bound. She e-mailed me to ask me if I'd be interested in tying her up for Restrained Elegance, and sent a couple of pictures. I thought long and hard for at least a nanosecond before firing back an e-mail saying YES YES YES. Alright, so I have a weakness for curvy blondes with long cascades of silken hair and a look that can switch from innocence to absolute sinfulness in a second- but can you blame me?

This set is from our first shoot. Most of the other sets we did were long "costume drama" storylines which you'll be seeing on the site soon. This was just a quick inspiration in the changeover between sets. I had had this idea of a naked and helpless maiden using her long hair to protect her modesty... and I knew Chanta would do it to perfection. So it was out with the green rope, a very simple tie, a tight crotchrope cinched to the ropes at her wrists and some hugging her breasts and we were away. I wish now I'd taken about a thousand shots rather than just these few- I really love the look.

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