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Foxy: New Girl in the Office

She had a sneaking suspicion that the main reason she got the job was because she'd broken her high heel on the way to the interview. She couldn't help but notice how much of the interview time her prospective new boss spent looking down at her of-necessity bare foot. So when she got the job, she thought she'd probably better do a bit of barefoot tease to keep him sweet. After all, it wouldn't do for him to find out too soon that she's maybe exaggerated a few skills on her CV and that she didn't actually know shorthand at all!

What she didn't know was that the boss had more than just a foot fetish- as she found out when she dawdled around too much at her first coffee break, dropped the papers for the afternoon meeting, and tried to make up for it by flashing some sole. The boss showed her the contents of the office disciplinary cupboard and locked her into the regulation elbow, wrist and ankle cuffs... and applied the riding crop for the regulation twelve strokes of bastinado for time wasting!

Who made these damn regulations, anyway? Oh. He did. Well, that would explain a lot! But still maybe if she kept him interested in punishing her, he wouldn't be at all interested in firing her?

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