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Sophie Nova
Sophie Nova: The Professor and Mrs. Williams

Mrs. Williams isn't getting what she needs, let alone what she wants. Although hubby provides the money, and the house, he doesn't provide any company. He's always jetting from boring meeting to boring meeting. She suspects he may have a few bits on the side. But they're welcome to him- he's a boring, workaholic wimp.

What she wants, what she needs, is something down and dirty, a kinky affair for making her feel a woman again. So she sought him out on the internet. He's a professor (she hasn't asked of what, nor does she care- they don't make small talk). He likes making other men's wives, especially trophy wives like Mrs. Williams, into "his bitch".

He always treats her with absolute disdain when she arrives at his house. (He's the soul of politeness by email before each session, of course). Anything to humiliate her. Bending her over one of the small coffee tables, tying her knees and elbows, telling her await his pleasure then gagged her and leaving her to stew in her own rising sexual excitement? All part of the experience, before they have frantic, frenzied, down-right nasty sex.

And she goes home happy, filled and fulfilled, to await next week's session....

Hywel's note: please welcome international fetish model Sophie Nova, making her debut at Restrained Elegance today!

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