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Sara W
Sara W: Pendlebury and the Lioness

I don't know why I thought the Chinese dress and the leather jacket would go together, particularly. I just thought it would be visually interesting, and I could make the story up later on. So here we go:

Taming Lions was hard work, but Pendlebury missed it. He missed the challenge of bending a strong, beautiful creature to his will. Especially the rescue projects, the ones the powers-that-be said were too crazy. The man-killers. But a fine Victorian gentleman like Pendlebury was resourceful. Having partaken of the elixir of youth back in the Gambia, he'd seen a lot of changes in his day. First lion taming became a bad thing, then even hunting was realised to be a bit of a bad show. No matter! Pendlebury was up for finding new challenges. Like gang members. Headstrong, in need of capturing, taming. Showing who's boss. Preparing for the export market, even. Why, it was even more fun than the lionesses in some ways- Lions don't come equipped with ranged weapons or human cunning!

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