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Charisma Cole
Charisma Cole - For Her

It's well worth checking through your hard drive every so often. I just found this previously-unseen set of the awesome Charisma Cole shot way back in 2003! My model release notes say that it was a set which she was going to put up on her own site, but her own site never happened and she retired a while afterwards. But I checked and I have the right to the pics too- I must just have been waiting until her site was launched to show them! So here we have positively the last set of one of my all-time favourites- Charisma Cole, chairtied and ballgagged! P.S. you can definitely tell it was shot for her site- she keeps her shoes on!! No way would she have got away with that if I was directing! ;-)
103 pics 7.95 MB zip

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