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Industrial Bitch
Industrial Bitch: Queen of the Underground

This was actually the very first set I shot with Industrial Bitch, almost two years ago! There just never seemed to be quite the right moment to release it. But I reckoned it was a cool set for Hallowe'en!The Bitch was the Queen of the Underground, Lady of the Night. She ruled the ruins and sewers and rat-holes and underside of the city with a grip of steel- steel claws on leather and latex gloves! But the gangs were moving in from NYC and LA, gangs who killed without thinking, gangs who didn't see spikes and claws... they saw opportunities, and a gang boss with too few soldiers, controlling a rich slice of the city's underside. It was time to move in and take this Bitch, take her and her territory. She's probably fetch a good price on the slave markets, nice looking girl like that..

167 pics 27.8 MB zip

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Price: $6.99 Per Zip File