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Industrial Bitch
Belle & Industrial Bitch : WPC in trouble

It was a hot tip-off from her one and only contact on the street. The Bitch was going to be at her hideout alone that evening. The thugs were off on a job. Lenny swore he didn't know what or where the job was, but he did know that the Bitch was going to be unguarded, alone, at the hideout. And he had the address... This was it! Belle's big chance to make a big bust, show the captain she was cut of for more than pounding the beat and rescuing cats from trees! She crept into the Bitch's lair with more determination than trepidation. So what if she was a hitwoman for the mob? So what if she masterminded the whole of crime on the Lower East Side? Belle had her gun, she'd been trained in entry procedures... No plan ever survives first contact with the enemy, Belle thought ruefully as she tested the handcuffs (her own bloody handcuffs!) around her wrists. The Bitch had disarmed her with a flick of the wrist, moving so fast it didn't seem possible. Belle resigned herself to a fate that was probably worse than death... rumour had it that the Bitch was a real bull dyke when she got her hands on pretty little lady cops like her... The Bitch teased her captive, tormenting her with spikes digging in the soft soles of her feet. She retrieved Belle's gun and toyed with it. "Should I plug you with this, pretty? Would you like that? Is that would you would have done to me, pretty? Bang bang shoot you do dead?" She put the gun next to Belle's temple. "Come on the you fucking Bitch, do it! If you are gonna do it, do it!" The Bitch pointed the gun at her face- Belle lunged forward and enveloped the gun barrel with her mouth! "DO IT!" she tried to say, past the gagging gun... The Bitch laughed. "Oh no, my pretty! I am not done playing with you yet! I think I'll make you suffer a little first! I'm going to whip you within an inch of your life... then I'm going to take you! And after that... we'll see. Maybe you'll be my bitch forever, if you like it... or maybe I will just plug you after all..." After the whipping, Belle was lost in her own world of pleasure/pain. Now it would come... the hot breath on her breasts, the wet tongue tracing its way down the centre of her body between her tits, down her stomach, licking her belly-button before finally reaching the source... and she knew she would be lost. She breathed "I love you" as they kissed for the first time... "Oh wow!" said Belle as they lay in each other's arms, afterwards. "I think that was the best ever, don't you? What shall we do next month? I could be the milkmaid and you could be the strict vicar's daughter... or you could be the assassin again and I'll be the FBI agent come to find out what happened to the Lady Cop?"

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