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Abigail Toyne
Abigail Toyne In The Bedroom

This was actually the last set we shot at our first shoot. Abigail had done one or two "soft" bondage shoots before- the sort of bondage where you can just pull your hands out of the cuffs, so nothing that had actually restricted her movement. It is always really interesting watching first-time girls in bondage, especially experienced models. They are used to being able to pose to look at their very best, to tease and show off every curve to best advantage. When you put them in a decent tie, they suddenly can't throw the poses they want to throw. At this point, one of two things usually happens. Either she stops trying and just lies there (dull) or she really gets going and starts to figure out exactly how she can show off every curve despite the fact that she's tied up tight. As you can see, by this stage in the shoot Abigail was having great fun in bondage. Every tie was a challenge to figure out how it worked, what she could do, how she could pose and show off... and she was fascinated by the ties themselves, and the ropework, too! Damn, I had a good time tying her up!!!
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