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Abigail Toyne
Abigail Toyne Out Of Your League

My god, how the other half lives. Just here to fit a new swimming pool, and this place is a goddam palace! Must be forty rooms, easy. Can you imagine what it is like to have not a wardrobe, not even a room, but a goddam library full of clothes? Classic statues and ivy covered walkways, cinema, stables, tennis courts- the works! They aren't supposed to be around today. Off shopping in Harvey Nicks, apparently. So I guess they won't mind if I just sneak into the house and find a kitchen so I can make myself a cup of tea, will they? What the hell is this room then? Dark, curtains, just a single spotlight... a clink of chains... a glimpse of oiled, naked flesh... MAN!! These rich couples are pretty fucking kinky! Oh my god. That's not just any damn slavegirl there in chains waiting for them to come home. That's Abigail Toyne! Jeeezus. Ever get the feeling something is really out of your league? Imagine having Abigail Toyne chained up in your dungeon as a sex-slave... and not even bothering to be there!! Hywel's Note: >I wanted to do something a little different for Abigail's first appearance on Restrained Elegance which is why her first set was very starkly lit, to hint at something unattainable. If you are anything like me... by which I mean that you have bought men's magazines in Britain some time in the last decade or so... you'll probably have seen a stunning ice cool blonde by the name of Abigail Toyne before. And if you're anything like me you'll have been absolutely dying to tie her up! It was actually Belle who got her number for me. We were casting our film and we needed an icy cool, mysterious and sophisticated blonde dominatrix. Belle had worked with Abigail for another website and had her number. A few calls later and we had our movie star. She was great fun to shoot with on the film, really good fun and very laid back whilst still being one of the most gorgeous women I've ever met. I think most of the male cast and crew (and possibly some of the female!) had had a fair few Abigail Toyne-fuelled fantasies... I know I had! My poor video editor nearly exploded in one scene where Abigail had to give him a good long sultry stare and elegantly glide towards him! After the film shoots I asked if she would be interested in doing a shoot for Restrained Elegance as well.... I was absolutely delighted when she said yes! So here's a rather better look at the awesome Abigail Toyne- you'll be seeing a lot more of her!
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