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Jules First Time

There's something special about the first time you put a girl in bondage. How will she react? How will it look? Will she emote with her eyes and beg you to rescue her, will she challenge you and glare at you or will she be playful and have fun with you? How does she flex, how much bend is there in her joints, how can you tie her to best effect? I usually start off gently, with something not too demanding. Like, say, thumbcuffs, handcuffs, anklecuffs. Lots of scope for wriggling around and the giggles. Better get the giggles out of the way as soon as possible girls, because then - WHAM- it'll be a strict elbows together hogtie before you know it! Then its on with a black PVC catsuit for a strict chairtie...

Number of Photos: 46 pics 4.0 MB ZIP file
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