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Abigail Toyne
Abigail Awkward Customer

Yes, I know. I'm sorry madam. It is the hottest day of the year, and our air conditioning is broken, just like everywhere else in the hotel. I'm sorry madam, they are trying their best to fix it now... but you know, we are on a very small island a very long way away from factories, depots, and air conditioning repair men. The condenser has gone, and there is only so much we can do to fix it with bent sheet steel. I know, even the lino on the floor is curling and warping in the heat. I would do something about it, but you inisisted on finishing your champagne and strawberries first! Thank you, madam. I will pass your comments along to the duty manager. I'm sure he will deal with your complaint. Oh, Pedro not again? What are we going to do with this impossible woman? You told her we can't get the parts? That we are on a desert island hundreds of miles from the mainland? Sigh. Of course you did. You know, she is here for another two weeks. I don't think I can stand much more of this. Pedro, grab that rope and follow me! Now then madam, I gather you have yet another complaint? Well we have a complaint, too. If you didn't want the conditions on a desert island you should have stayed at home. We are totally sick of your whining and moaning and complaining, so me and Pedro have decided we will solve your over-heating problem... without any air conditioning. Pedro, grab hold of her and give me that rope.... That's it Pedro, now she can't get away. Madam, as you have been repeatedly informed, the air conditioning has broken down. The nearest place to get the parts we need is almost a thousand miles away, and there isn't another flight for three days. Since you refuse to compromise by adopting more suitable attire, Pedro and I will be most helpful hosts and modify your dress to better suit the climate. Pedro, hand me those scissors, would you...? There! As I'm sure you will agree, you are much less prone to overheating now! Ah. Thank you Madam. I am not sure I understand the meaning of all those words, I will look them up in the Dictionary directly I have finished here. Ah... that one I do know the meaning of. I fear I will have to dispute with you. I am amply well endowed and no accident has happened to deprive me of the parts of my anatomy to which you refer. Would madam care to inspect the goods to see? Pedro, you may go. Madam and I am going to have a little further discussion! ...
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