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Chanta Rose
Maria and Chanta Rose - What's yours... is mine

Have you ever been on holiday and had some little leech attach herself to you like you have known her for years? One conversation on the coach and suddenly she is your new best mate... and there goes your chance of pulling a hot beach bum, or even of enjoying your holiday. Step out your hotel room and she's lying in wait. Go to breakfast early and somehow she's there. Midnight on the dancefloor and she won't leave your side. Well, Chanta isn't one to put up with that for too long... so when Donna sat herself down in Chanta's spot and started drinking HER drink, it was time for some strict action! Of course, being Chanta, she just happened to have a bunch of ropes in her suitcase... time to teach this little bitch a lesson! Donna had attached herself like a leech to Chanta from the moment the plane landed. Way to spoil someone's holiday- no chance of pulling a hot man with this drip hanging on to your arm like she's your new best mate. But stealing her drink was the last straw... Chanta's got a suitcase full of rope and she is going to teach Donna a lesson! And while she might be irritating as hell, there's no denying she has got a pretty damn hot body... let's have a bit of a grope while we're at it…. Now that I've got your ATTENTION... Listen up, bitch! You are NOT my friend. I am NOT your friend. You met me on the coach to the hotel and you've been bugging me ever since. Now I don't want to see your sorry ass hanging around me one more minute, you got that? And you can stop stealing my drinks, and just stay the hell out of my way! And I'll just leave you here for all the hotel to see- tied up, tits out, and hogtied! Who knows, maybe you'll actually get a date for once?

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