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Abigail Toyne
VIDEO: Emotional Ties

Belle, Myla, Morrigan Hel, Abigail Toyne and a cameo appearence by Ariel Anderssen Almost a year ago, I shot the footage for my first short film over three days at the studio. Now you might be thinking 'what is he on about, first film, he shoots video all the time?. There's a big difference in the way one shoots a website video and a film. The videos are usually only loosely scripted, and generally captured with multiple camera angles in a single take. A single shot of someone might last 30 seconds or more. A film is shot with a tight script, storyboarded, many more takes, many more angles, and shots only last a few seconds each. It all moves a much faster pace, and paradoxically that makes it a lotmore time-consuming to shoot It also makes it a lot more time-consuming to edit, which explains why it has taken so long to finally see the light of day. There are still a few rough edges but it is more or less ready now. So as a Valentine's day special, sit back, grab the popcorn (and your Valentine) and enjoy! P.S. as you will see from the copyright notice, I've decided to release the film for free distribution on the web. So unlike all other RE material, please feel free to distribute the film to your friends, post it on YouTube, whatever you like. I'm proud of it and I'd like people to see it.
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