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Sophia Smith
Sophia Smith - Caged in blue satin

I admit it- I had no artistic romantic storyline idea in mind for this set. I just wanted to get Sophia in a blue satin Chinese dress, barefoot, and tie her up in the cage so she couldn't move a muscle. Chanta moaned (it isn't that easy to rig when the cage is in your way) but I think I convinced her that the idea had merit when she stood back and inspected her handy work. As for Sophia, obviously she couldn't see how fantastic she looked... but I think as she tested her bonds and wiggled her bum on the fur and opened her lips to sigh breathily... I think she might just have been feeling as good as she looked! Sophia was starting to moan and whinge about not being able to move, but we thought she was a very nice decorative feature in the corner of the studio- so a nice colour matching blue silk cleeve gag was pressed into service! We couldn't resist adding another rope or two while we were at it... ...
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