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The Elegance Network: Browsing Sophia Smith and Chanta Rose - Chanta and the Chocolate Napper!
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Sophia Smith
Sophia Smith and Chanta Rose - Chanta and the Chocolate Napper!

Easter approaches... and the national chocolate blight means that boxes of choccies are changing hands for hundreds of pounds! Can you imagine what the world would be like if the female half of the population was deprived of their chocolate fix for two weeks? Buddy, let me tell you it's hell in here Of course, a rich and powerful dominatrix like Mistress Chanta has a secure supply. Her contacts in the underworld would get her the best black-market Belgian.. and that's even when the supply of gifts from her many slaves and slave-girls dried up. Sophia was desperate. She hadn't had a choccie fix in nearly THREE weeks, and Easter was nearly here! At her last visit she'd looked hungrily at the boxes and boxes of chocolates at her Mistress' house... and finally, she resolved to break in! Surely she wouldn't miss just a few? But woe betied her if Mistress Chanta were to catch her... Chocolate-napping is punishable by up to a year in prison, but somehow Sophia suspected that Mistress Chanta might just take the law into her own hands... she thought that Mistress Chanta might not miss just ONE box of chocolates...after all, it IS Easter! What's a girl to do without a few choccies for Easter? But the plan all went horribly wrong... would Mistress Chanta turn her over to the cops for chocolate-napping? Not likely! She was going to punish Sophia and teach her a lesson. HAPPY EASTER Hope you enjoyed our totally serious (oh yes) bondage Easter special! Take care of your chocolates, you never know when there might be chocolate-nappers about! :-)
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