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The Elegance Network: Browsing Petra Morgan and Chanta Rose - Booked a Hooker
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Chanta Rose
Petra Morgan and Chanta Rose - Booked a Hooker

What bloody time do you call this? When I book a call-girl I expect her to be on time! You're supposed to be working to my schedule, not I to yours, you little slapper! No, don't give me excuses! Get down on the bed! Right now! Come on! What do you mean what am I doing? I'm tying you up, you little slut. Didn't the agency bother to tell you what sort of job this was? I'm sure they did, but I'm sure you just weren't listening. Like you weren't listening to the required arrival time, huh Don't act so shocked, dear. I'm sure a girl like you has been tied up many times. Maybe not by someone who knows what they were doing, though, huh? So what's the matter? Can't get out? Can't wiggle that cute little ass free? Awwww. That's it. You try to get loose, I'll just ... mmmm... suck and lick and bite on these, shall I? Oh don't worry, slut, you're not going anywhere You surely do make an awful lot of noise, don't you? Perhaps we should shut you up a bit. What's that? Never been gagged? Damn, you have been with some clueless johns before haven't you? Well, let's start your education in proper bondage lovin', shall we, slut?

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