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Aideen - The New Au Pair

Aideen was quite looking forward to her spell as an au-pair for a month. Chance to travel the world, see new countries, find out how other people lived... plus the people who hired au pairs were usually rich, so living in a luxurious house that someone else was paying for! Sounded to good to be true.

She wasn't quite sure why the heating was always turned up so high. When her new employers started walking around in just their underclothes she started to get the picture. Stripping down to her lingerie didn't seem like a huge chore. But what sort of couple have attachment plates screwed into their doorways and chains hanging from the ceiling? She was about to find out!

Innocent au pair Aideen discovers her new employers have duties of a sexual nature planned for her month-long stay... and they've chained her up so she can't get away!

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