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Chanta Rose
Jade - Hot on the Trail

Jade's friend Paige had been gone over a week. The secretarial school residential segment had only been meant to last three days, and Jade was very worried. Paige had told her that she might be there longer if she didn't come up to the required standard... but... a whole week?

A little detective work showed her that the background of this Chanta Rose character was not exactly what one would expect of a lady running a prim and proper secretarial school. She feared that some terribly sordid fate was in store for her friend, and resolved to break into the school that very night and find out exactly what was going on behind those closed doors.

Unfortunately for Jade, Chanta was all too prepared for intruders. And even more unfortunately, Chanta had had her eye on Paige's prim and pretty little friend from the first day she dropped Paige off at the school. Paige might be destined for service in a top boardroom, but Chanta had an inkling that Jade was going tobe suitable for much darker pleasures!

Unbeknownst to her friend Paige, Jade has broken into Chanta's secretarial school to try to find out exactly what traning methods she uses on her students. Her intrusion qualifies her for Chanta's very special rush job slave training: tied, gagged with her own panties taped into her stuffed mouth, her clothes cut away... but why does Jade's pulse race, her face flush? Why does she grind her bound thighs together? Could it be that Chanta knows far better than Jade what she needs? That Jade secretly craves a bit of rough treatment- in the most skilled and seductive way, of course!

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