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Chanta Rose
Petra & Chanta: Movie Star for a Day

Petra always loved old movies, especially the golden age of horror, Hollywood starlets draped in satin being menaced by vampires and werewolves and oh my!

So when she won a competition to be a movie star for a day, she knew exactly what sort of movie she wanted to feature in- a golden age of horror flick! Mind you, that actress they've got playing the vampire countess is pretty scary off-screen as well as on, and Petra hadn't really signed up for the bondage or the nudity or the crotch rope torture! In fact, the whole crew seem to be more interested in her breasts than in making her a movie star. And the vampire countess is suddenly seeming all a bit too real, and it WAS odd that they insisted they shoot at night... and come to think of it, why hadn't she heard of this company who ran "movie star for a day" experiences before? And she didn't actually remember entering their competition, just posting a few times on some silly "vampire" forums on the internet....

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