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Sophia Smith
Sophia: Too Many Enemies

Sophia's rise through the corporate ranks has been nothing short of stratospheric. The only trouble is, she's made far too many enemies on the way up. She really should have known to take more care over keeping her Outlook calendar private- it was all too easy for them to find out exactly which hotel she would be staying at. Makng enemies at this level of wealth and power is very dangerous- they are to sort of people who can afford to buy out a hotel, just to get their own staff in place ready for her visit.

At first, she thought it was just the turn-down team or a compliments-of-the-house visit from room service. Then she caught sight of the trolley- it wasn't filled with food or drink, just overflowing with ropes and gags! And it didn't matter how much she screamed- she was the only guest in the whole place!

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