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Sarah Louise
Welcome (Back) Sarah Louise!

Hywel says: Please welcome lovely Sarah Louise to Restrained Elegance! Actually, please welcome her back. She actually came and did a test shoot with me about six years ago, before she took up modelling full time, back when I still had the photo-studio. We did a few cool shots for her portfolio and I locked her in the globe cage for a bondage set as well. And then... I'm ashamed to admit, I didn't get her back for a full shoot. There wasn't any conscious decision not to, you understand, it was something I kept meaning to get around to but never quite did.

It was actually Sophia Smith who kicked us into working together properly at last. Sophia had done a shoot with Sarah and told her she should email me, and Sophia also emailed me to nag me and tell me to work with Sarah. Thanks, Sophia! As you can see, it was about damn time I did!

Ariel says: I'd not met Sarah Arnold before - Hywel shot her a few years ago before I was involved in the site. Normally, I save any experimental rigging ideas that I dream up for models I know but I'm afraid I was itching to try this flying-hogtie with thumb cuffs, and Sarah's toes looked small enough to make it possible. So I pounced.

Of course, when I say 'pounced' I actually mean that I suggested the idea apologetically to her, and told her that if it was too uncomfortable we didn't have to do it.

But Sarah's a fantastically tolerant model, and generously allowed me to lock her into the thumb cuffs so that she ended up in a very economical flying hogtie. And she managed to get all the way through the set without needing to be let out for the break that we offered her. The result is a very light-on- restraint but genuinely restrictive and inescapable rig, and we hope you enjoy seeing Sarah in it. What a lovely girl.

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