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Rosaleen Young
Rosaleen Young: Red Riding Hood

I've still got a few sets from the very early days of the site that I didn't get around to processing at the time for one reason or another. In this one, it was the colour casts- much harder to correct when you are only shooting JPEG. (Hooray for RAW!) I've finally got around to having a go at it, so you can enjoy what I think is the final unseen set I have of the lovely Rosaleen Young.

She stars as Red Riding Hood, who seems to have a basket of apples for some reason. Don't ask me, it was her idea! But clearly she gets chained up for stealing one of the apples she is meant to be carrying through the woods....

Very interesting as well to see how digital camera tech has come on since the site started. This one was shot on my very first digital camera, a Canon D30. There aren't any full-sized versions because there wouldn't be any point- there are hardly any more pixels than in our regular "web sized" versions!

No wonder the pro photographers at the time were a bit dismissive of digital camera tech. Who would have thought that film would be entirely dead just a decade later? No-one even makes professional film SLRs any more, and most of the film labs have gone out of business too. A bit sad, but at least our modern digital sensors have almost got to being the equal of film. They've been there for ages in terms of sharpness and lack of noise/grain, and they're finally getting there in dynamic range now too. A long way in a fantastically short time!

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