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Francesca Lee
Francesca: By Candle-light

This is a very early experimental set (from 2005!) featuring the always-sexy Francesca Lee, barefoot in cute satin pyjamas, waking up in the middle of the night and discovering her nightmares about being captured have come true.

It's also a set from the days before I started shooting RAW (storage space was more expensive back then) and I didn't really nail the technical settings- I was trying to shoot mostly by the light of the candles, but the fill was a bit strong, which I tried to compensate for by underexposing. All of which means that the set has a few technical issues, which I probably why I never got around to it at the time. As I'm trying to catch up with all these "sexy, but a bit technically flawed" sets I thought I'd have a go at processing them- and actually I'm really pleased by how they've turned out, I think they're sexy as hell! Mostly that's due to Francesca giving it 11 out of 10 in the bondage of course ;-)

106 pics 52.8 MB zip

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