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Chanta Rose
Chanta Shanghai

"I, Madame Chingmy, trainer in the arts of love, am pleased to put forward for your final approval Lady Rosemary Haines. We herewith present our joint application and petition that she be granted entry to the final and sacred rank of Mistress of the Scented Pillows." "Rosemary has been studying with us for a just year- I'm sure you will recall her arrival here from Nepal, fresh from study of the Tantric arts with Kama Sutra Master Ramamurthy. That training, along with formidable personal enthusiasm and energetic experimentation, had laid the groundwork for her rapid progress through the ranks. I hope you will agree that she is ready to join our sacred circle."

"Lady Haines, please enter. I think I speak for all the masters and mistresses of the scented pillows when I welcome you to our chambers. The next week will be a test, but it will not be an unpleasant one. We have all walked this path before you, and we look forward to enjoying your expertise. If nothing else, learn from the mastery of the erotic arts from my brothers and sisters of the circle. I'm sure we will learn as much from you as you from us, and barring unforseen problems I should say that your entry is probably just a formality. On a personal note I will say that I've been waiting to practice the arts with you with considerable anticipation!" "Please begin your first display- submission and worship."

"Thank you, Lady Haines! You may proceed with the first basic position." ("Oh, yes, thank you Madame Chingmy. It was getting a bit strained down there. Would you like me to... ah, there we are... Shlrrp") "On to the se-ccc-ccc- ah! " (Excuse me Madame Chingmy, just a moment) " as I was saying, on to the second basic position. "

"Oh, Master Yam, the freeform interpretation of the kneeling position is quite splended, isn't it? The nipple clamps were her own idea, and notice how she's managing to keep in character? Marvellous! Yes, if you could just slowly.... Ah!"

"The leg raised variant on the missionary position, I see. I like the addition of the spreader bars, it is very in keeping with her submissive theme! And you're right, she is marvellous at keeping in character, isn't she? Oh, what's that? A whip? Excuse me, Madame Chingmy, I think I must withdraw. Wouldn't do to lose control in the first hour! We have the whole week to build up to our climax, after all!"

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