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Lilith & Foxy: Be My Bitch? Bathtime!

Lilith had wanted to get Foxy into her ropes and into her bed for the longest time. She knew she was curious, but had never done anything quite like that before... but she was patient, and waited for the proper opportunity. So when their company sent them on a training course but would only pay for one hotel room for them to share, Lilith seized the moment. She'd packed her ropes, just in case, and now she'd see if Foxy would go for it... a few drinks over dinner after the very dull day, a few giggles and little caresses on the couch afterwards, then the moment of truth. Will you be my bitch for the evening?

Apparently... YES! Then it is bath time for you, my little slave-girl!

115 pics 37.5 MB zip

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