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Sammie B
VIDEO: The Spanish Harem (Part Three)

Harem Head Girl Ariel always was to abuse her power, even if that power was not strictly speaking hers. Having caught escaping harem slavegirls Sammie and Elle, she was determined to put them to work... satisfying her sybaritic and perverted desires! She left the two girls tied hand-to-hand for hours while she made another slavegirl comb her hair, then made Sammie and Elle give her a lingering full-body massage. Of course, she refused to untie them first!

Then she had an idea. Perhaps the reason the girls had run away from the harem was that they were lesbians! Of course! They probably hated men! Ariel demanded that the two girls put on a lesbian sex show for her... and when they refused, she got out the candles for a hot wax torture to see if that would mend their bad attitudes!

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