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Sammie B
Sammie - Cruelty!

You can't blame me for the wanton cruelty to Sammie B, tying her barefoot, on tiptoes, to the rough trunk of the tree, then tying her hair up so if she dropped down her heels she pulled painfully on her hair. Nor can you blame me for the big bit gag which stopped her complaining (and stopped her screaming). It was all Kate's dastardly idea! Well, probably with some input from Sammie!

I really properly had nothing to do with shooting this one. Ariel and I were shooting her slave dance video and Kate and Sammie headed off to the other side of the house to shoot a set. I was gobsmacked when I saw what they'd come up with! I think Sammie looks stunning, I love the way her dress stands out from the greenery and I do like the mean hairtie that Kate did. Very good job, ladies!!

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