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The Elegance Network: Browsing Ashley Renee and Jasmine Sinclair: LA Shoe Shine
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Ashley Renee
Ashley Renee and Jasmine Sinclair: LA Shoe Shine

(Note: the first 50 or so shots are a solo set of Jasmine, the rest of the set is the dom-sub scenario with Ashley)
Mistress Jasmine had had a long day shopping. Frederick's of Hollywood, Trashy's, dozens of other places. She had her slaves with her of course, which made the shopping rather less tiring than usual. When she got home she selected the first of her new pairs of shoes- bright red high-heels from Frederick's. She chose a matching red PVC catsuit and a scarlet riding crop. Hmmmm. What to do with all the new shoes? And which slave to do it with? She thought of that new slave, the wild-haired dark-eyed one that they brought in yesterday. She was quite something! Yes!

Mistress Jasmine snapped her fingers and called for the new slave to be brought in. She had her new shoes laid out for cleaning, because all the shoes she wore had been lovingly and carefully cleaned by the hand- or mouth- of a slave. It would be most pleasing to have the new slave humble herself by being a shoe shine slavegirl! Mistress Jasmine permitted herself a moment's pleasurable, sensual anticipation. She ordered the doors to her inner sanctum closed so that she could unzip her catsuit and caress herself, running her hands over her breasts and her erect nipples, teasing herself to arousal... it would never do to let a slave see her excitement, but excitement there was. She languidly ran her hands over her firm body, shivering in the delicious anticipation. Then at last, having made the new slave wait outside for a suitable length of time, she zipped the tight catsuit up one more and ordered the doors opened...

The slave shuffled forwards on her knees, as she had been ordered. She saw the row of new shoes in front of her and wondered what Mistress Jasmine had in mind for her. She did not have long to wait. The Mistress grabbed hold of her by the throat and forced her head down to the first pair of shoes. A stinging CRACK! of the riding crop across the slave's defenseless ass made it quite clear that she was here to shine shoes. The Mistress kept tight hold of the slavegirl's choke chain, urging her on with repeated brutal strokes of the crop.

Clearly the slave was new, untrained. She ought to have been cleaning the shoes as if she were making love to them, not turning her nose up slightly. Mistress Jasmine could feel the tension through the chain. She smiled a tiny, cruel smile and lashed the slave once more. A stroke on the slave's bare feet brought the first involuntary squeak of pain from the kneeling slave slut. But still her service was unconvincing.

Mistress Jasmine hauled the slave up by her hair and spoke to her for the first time.

"Your service is pathetic! You act as though it were a demeaning chore to be permitted to clean my lovely shoes! How dare you? You worthless slave, this is your first day in my service and this is how you treat your Mistress! You must be punished!"

The slavegirl's heart leapt into her mouth. Heart pounding, she awaited the judgement of Mistress Jasmine...

Taking a firm grip on the slave's chain, Mistress Jasmine started to administer a salutary lesson to the slave's ass, pussy and feet. When the slave's buttocks were suitably glowing, and the girl herself was just starting to snivel and cry, Mistress Jasmine ceased the beating. It was not in her plan to break this slave, today, just to make her a bit more aware of her servitude.

She placed her delicate shoe on the slave's helpless neck.

"Now you will make more effort, won't you slave?"

The slave almost forgot herself. She almost replied. She caught herself at the last moment, sure that if she had dared to speak to the Mistress she would have found herself in very serious trouble. The Mistress might not even have deigned to punish such a transgression- she may just have had her thrown out naked on the street!

"Now then, let's see if you can make a better job of cleaning if you have your Mistress' feet to remind you of your duties!"

Mistress Jasmine seated herself on an elegant stool and stretched out her long, lush legs. The slavegirl bent to her task with considerably more enthusiasm than before, for now she was privileged to be allowed to worship at her very feet! Would the Mistress be angry if she presumed to actually touch her flesh? The slavegirl decided to risk a soft, light, tender kiss of the Mistress' toes...

This time the slave made a much convincing job of shining the shoes. The scent of her Mistress filled her nostrils, mixed with the new-leather smell of the scarlet high heels. Mistress Jasmine even permitted the slave the impertinence of kissing her feet. When the shoe shine was complete, she ordered the slavegirl to make herself into a footstool. Planting the spikes of her heels painfully into the firm flesh of the slavegirl's back, Mistress Jasmine relaxed, lent back and once more began to unzip her catsuit, to free her breasts. Caressing her own nipples, she gloried in her dominance over the beautiful, helpless, submissive girl under her heels. It promised to be a long, wild night.

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