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Ashley Renee
Ashley - A Wild Ride

Virgin princesses are all very well. Village harlots and barmaids are good for a rough tumble behind the taproom and you can usually rely on nuns and novices for a bit of kink. But for a really wild ride, you just can't beat a dissolute young noblewoman, recently widowed! Her innocence has already been removed by her beast of a husband, yet there is still enough pride and dignity intact for it to be a real thrill to humiliate her with nipple clamps and gag her when she starts to moan and beg for a good hard fucking! All in all, a very wild ride!

This set is courtesy of Ashley Renee: I originally shot it for her site but we've agreed to swap the sets we shot. Enjoy! Hywel.

53 pics 10.9 MB zip

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