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Scarlot Rose
VIDEO: Scarlot - Frantic Struggles

The downside of being a private detective is that if you get caught, you don't have the might of the police department and the FBI to come to your aid. You just have to wait for your fellow investigating Angels to realise you have been far too long at the house of the suspected gold smuggler and come to your rescue. Unless of course you can get yourself free in time....

Scarlot struggles very energetically but there's no way the confining rope web on her arms is giving way even slightly! Tied like a net, it allows her a small amount of freedom, but just expands and contracts as she tries to get a fingertip to a knot. There's absolutely no way she's getting herself out, but she can't possibly give up- lives may be at stake! Not least her own!

03.18 minutes (131.5 MB zip)

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