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Charli Nude

I know I've been very bad. I scraped the side of the car parking it yesterday, and then I went and spent a thousand dollars on a new dress. But it is a very nice dress- LaCroix and all. Why won't he let me wear it? He says I've got to do a penance. I don't really like the sound of that. Wriggling around in these ropes isn't too bad, but I can hear very strange sounds from the bedroom- clanking chains and electric hums and the occasional spark. I hope he's not in one of his moods again... well no, I hope he is in one of his "punish then pamper" moods. But somehow I think he is in one of his "scream, baby, scream" moods. I think I'm going to be soaked in sweat, straining against the cuffs while he tortures me tonight. But maybe I deserved it. And for sure there's always something big and hard at the end. Better than a kiss to make up, I say. I think he just likes to watch me squirm. He likes to tie me so I can wriggle around, rub my thighs together, but no matter how excited I get I can't touch myself or give myself satisfaction. I wonder how long he will leave it before he comes to bring me to the boil? I was very bad this week- maybe he is going to leave me here all night!

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